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Parameter Map

Parameter Name Current Value Last Change Date
Current Academic Period20181008/20/2017
Current Academic Year201808/20/2017
Prior Academic Period20173008/20/2017
Current Aid Year DescAward Year 2017-201808/23/2017
Current Aid Year171808/23/2017
Current Fiscal Year201806/30/2017
Prior Fiscal Year201706/30/2017
Current Budget Year201806/30/2017
Prior Budget Year201706/30/2017
Current Fiscal Period0510/31/2017
Posting Period0510/31/2017
Base Fiscal Year201806/30/2017
CALENDAR YEAR201701/02/2017
Budget Fiscal Year201806/30/2017
Financial Aid Fiscal Year201806/30/2017
Prior Fall Term20171001/02/2017
Current Fall Term20181001/02/2017
Next Fall Term20191001/02/2017
Prior Spring Term20172008/20/2017
Current Spring Term20182008/20/2017
Next Spring Term20192008/20/2017
Prior Summer Term20173008/20/2017
Current Summer Term20183008/20/2017
Next Summer Term20193008/20/2017
Gift Society Year201701/02/2017

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