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Cognos Training & Contacts

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  • New User Course

    There are three ways an employee may gain access to Cognos and be invited to training:

    1. A new employee fills out security paperwork for Banner access to Finance and/or Student
    2. An existing employee does not currently have access to Banner data, but needs access.
    3. An existing employee has access already to Banner, but now needs access to Cognos Reports.

    To accommodate the first and second options, a user will be invited to training upon Information Management receiving the approval, which is part of the security flow that accompanies the authorization forms. If an employee needs Finance or Student Access, and has not yet filled out the appropriate forms, please click the link below.

    To accommodate the third option, submit a Cognos License Request.

  • Refresher Course

    Cognos training is available to consumers and authors throughout the year. Consumer training is held monthly from January through October. Author training is held quarterly. Those who have been through training previously are welcome to attend another session.

    Access to the training sessions can be found on the respective SharePoint sites. Please log-in with your username and password:

    Contacts for Cognos Help

    For problems: Please use the Help and Training tab within the MyCharleston portal. If you cannot find a solution there, please contact Helpdesk.

    For problems using Cognos: Please use the Consumer Navigation Guide. If you cannot find a solution here, please contact CognosHelp.

    For problems with reports:

    • If you receive an error or do not see any data in a prompt, please contact CognosHelp.
    • If you successfully run a report, but return no data or what appears to be innacurate data, please contact the appropriate report author:
    • If you cannot find a report you need, please submit a report request.
    • If you do not have access to reports for a particular area, but you think you should, please submit a license request.