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About Reporting

Learn more about the reporting process and tools used at the College of Charleston.

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  • About Reporting Tools
    The College is developing a robust repertoire of reporting tools to fulfill the needs of the end-user on-campus and the community, including Cognos, website and SAS applications. Reports are symbiotically produced and provided through the collaborative efforts of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP), the Registrar's Office, and Student Information Services (SIS).
  • Statistical Analysis and Predictive Modeling
    Tools: Rapid Insight, SPSS, SAS Data Mining
  • Data Discovery
    Data Discovery includes the use of dashboards and scorecards to track and compare data.

    Tools: Cognos TM1
  • Adhoc Data Reports
    Tools: SAS
  • Daily Operational Reports
    Tools: Cognos Reporting
  • Other Reports
    "Other Reports" include official federal and state reports and national surveys. This also includes the public website, Fact Book, and accreditation data.

    Tools: SAS