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The College of Charleston is moving forward with reporting. Banner is the College's ERP system and Cognos is the tool the College utilizes for reporting purposes. Cognos reports from data stored in the Operational Data Store, which is an additional storage repository of data and currently contains data from Banner and DegreeWorks. The ODS is populated once each night, so data returned in a report is as of “yesterday”. To access reports available in Cognos, each user must be set up in the system and receive written permission from the various data owners from whom the user needs information. Cognos reports can be run through Cognos and seen in html format; exported using several formats, such as Excel, comma separated values, pdf or xml; schedule to run with the output either e-mailed or stored somewhere, like e-Print or a particular location; or bursted to a specified set of recipients based on values from within the report.

In addition to the Cognos option, other reporting tools are available to College employees. Self Service Banner can provide people with access to real-time data and can be accessed through the portal. Banner also has “canned” reports, or reports that come with the system. Many of these reports will be run and stored in e-Print. Institutional Research will continue to do the official College reporting and those reports will remain available via the IR website.


For problems: Please use the help and training tab within the MyCharleston portal. If you cannot find a solution there, please contact Helpdesk.

For problems using Cognos: Please use the Consumer Navigation Guide.  If you cannot find a solution here, please contact CognosHelp

For problems with reports:

  • If you receive an error or do not see any data in a prompt, please contact CognosHelp.
  • If you successfully run a report, but return no data or what appears to be innacurate data, please contact the appropriate report author:
  • If you cannot find a report you need, please submit a report request.
  • If you do not have access to reports for a particular area, but you think you should, please submit a license request.