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Strategic Plan Scorecard

Ten strategies must be implemented to reach College of Charleston's strategic goals.

The ten strategies are not listed in rank order. With each strategy is a ranked list of tactics.  Each tactic indicates how that strategy might be implemented.  More specifically, each tactic guides the development of one or more specific, measurable actions, which will be incorporated in the College's annual fiscal plans. The tactics are ranked in order of their importance for achieving the plan's goals and, thus, the College's envisioned future.  The list of tactics provided for each strategy will be revised on occasion.

The 94 tactics will be amplified by the plans developed in each school, department and division in response to the College's strategic plan.  Like the strategic plan, the school, departmental, and devisional plans should be revised and updated periodically and should be aligned with the strategies and tactics described below.

Some of the tactics described in the original strategic plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in October 2009, have been accomplished.  A list of these achievements is being maintained and updated periodically.

Strategy 1
Enhance the Undergraduate Academic Core

Strategy 2
Develop Nationally Recognized Graduate Programs

Strategy 3
Develop and Retain a Highly Qualified and Diverse Faculty and Staff

Strategy 4
Recruit, Enroll and Retain an Academically Distinguished, Well-Prepared and Diverse Student Body

Strategy 5
Enhance Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Programs for the Holistic Education of Students

Strategy 6
Align Administrative and Academic Policies and Procedures to Support the College's Purpose and Achieve its Envisioned Future

Strategy 7
Provide Up-to-Date Facilities and Infrastructure to Enhance Academic, Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Programs

Strategy 8
Collaborate with Local, National and International Institutions to Leverage Higher Education for a Stronger South Carolina

Strategy 9
Establish Campuswide Policies and Practices to Generate New Resources and Foster Greater Self-Sufficiency

Strategy 10
Pursue National Recognition for the College of Charleston's Personalized Liberal Arts and Sciences Education and for the Distinctive Features of its Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.