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Strategy Four

Recruit, Enroll and Retain an Academically Distinguished, Well-Prepared and Diverse Student Body

Strategic Planning Scorecard


Increase the amount of merit-based and need-based scholarship funding from approximately $15 million to $20 million, largely funded through private resources. Some portion of this funding should be allocated in accordance with the provisions of the Diversity Strategic Plan.


Offer full fellowships, competitive assistantships and experiential learning scholarships to attract and retain top undergraduate and graduate students.


Investigate best practices for retention at other universities and, as appropriate, implement those practices to significantly increase retention rates for undergraduate and graduate students.


In collaboration with community colleges, local businesses, and other organizations, increase overall enrollment for off-campus undergraduate (including non-degree and returning adults), professional development, graduate and executive-education students at the North Campus and other sites as determined by community needs and resources.


Following the recommendations of the Diversity Strategic Plan, increase diversity of students, faculty and staff to levels that are more reflective of the greater community in order to promote dissemination of ideas and perspectives from varying cultures and life experiences.


Broaden the scope of pre-college programs to help the College recruit a more diverse student body.


Develop yearlong enrichment programs to assist first-generation college freshman in their acclimatization to academic and campus life.


With the support of more competitive graduate assistantships, better marketing, and targeted program development supporting the needs of the local community, increase enrollments of degree-seeking graduate students on the downtown campus from 600 to 1,000.


Establish a communication and mentoring network that engages alumni, current students and prospective students.