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Strategy Nine

Establish Campuswide Policies and Practices to Generate New Resources and Foster Greater Self-Sufficiency

Strategic Planning Scorecard


Ensure that tuition rates are determined in amounts necessary to meet operating and strategic goals on an annual basis.


Determine the appropriate proportion of out-of-state students based on a variety of considerations, including academic goals, the needs for geographic diversity, and the financial needs of the College.


Launch and execute a national comprehensive fundraising campaign in support of the College of Charleston strategic plan and high-priority philanthropic initiatives.


To increase enrollments at the North Campus and other off-campus locations and to generate additional revenues, offer a portfolio of degree programs and lifelong-learning and professional-development programs, including selective online programs, to students in the region and across the globe.


Educate, engage, energize, and excite the College base of parents and alumni, including active participation by campus advisory committees and boards, in support of fundraising initiatives.


To increase external funding, continue to develop strategic alliances with local, state and federal policymakers while initiating and strengthening public-private partnerships.