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Strategy One

Enhance the Undergraduate Academic Core

Strategic Planning Scorecard

Partially Completed


Provide each student a personalized experience that integrates classroom learning with at least two of the following: research and creative activities, civic engagement, study away, internships and peer education.
Substantially Completed


Enhance undergraduate academic programs that are strongly linked to the history, traditions, culture and environment of Charleston and the Lowcountry, such as new undergraduate majors in African-American Studies and sustainability.
Partially Completed


Develop academic programs at the College of Charleston North Campus to offer lifelong learning courses and programs to serve the needs of returning adult learners or non-degree students.
Partially Completed


Strengthen the Honors College through increased funding for full and partial scholarships, dedicated faculty for innovative curriculum and expanded facilities and services for personalized experiences.
Not Met, No Progress


Establish a competitive undergraduate fellowship program that provides complete coverage of tuition, fees and living expenses for a select group of top students. Increase the number of Colonial Scholarships
Partially Completed


Implement program reviews of general education, majors and minors on a five-year, rotating cycle to ensure a personalized and challenging undergraduate experience.
Substantially Completed


Refine general education to reduce the number of courses meeting general education requirements while aligning those courses with the intellectual skills, areas of knowledge and dispositions central to the College’s core curriculum.
Not Met, No Progress


Support foreign language initiatives that combine language skills with study of global cultures and world affairs as well as professional education.  Intensify introductory and intermediate language courses and expand instruction in strategic languages.
Removed Prior to Implementation


Increase significantly the numbers and enrollments in interdisciplinary courses and programs.
Partially Completed


Continue to develop select online undergraduate courses and programs.


Establish an Honors residential college.
Partially Completed


Develop academic programs utilizing and/or based at Dixie Plantation.
Substantially Completed


Embed global competencies into general education and major requirements.
Not Met, No Progress


Establish a writing institute.
Partially Completed


Enhance athletic and cultural programs distinguished by their competitive success and by the academic accomplishments of their student athletes/artists.