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Strategy Ten

Pursue National Recognition for the College of Charleston's Personalized Liberal Arts and Sciences Education and for the Distinctive Features of Its Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Strategic Planning Scorecard


Develop and execute an overarching marketing strategy and marketing plan that creates greater awareness and informed advocacy across the spectrum of the College’s local, state, national and international audiences.


Achieve consistent and widespread (state, regional and national) recognition of the College of Charleston as an exceptional public liberal arts and sciences university that provides the academic rigor, student experiences and prestige of a private liberal arts college along with the opportunities, advantages and affordability of a public university.


Integrate marketing and communications goals, policies, strategies and tactics throughout the College’s schools and divisions, including North Campus.


Ensure that marketing and communications activities for all undergraduate, graduate and administrative units are coordinated in support of strategic plan priorities.


Ensure that every academic school is supported by a dedicated communications officer who makes certain that school-based communications are consistent, of high quality, and aligned with the overall institutional branding and marketing messages.


Expand marketing support for recruitment of the nation’s best students by developing additional targeted communications initiatives directed at the upper echelon of prospective students, as well as guidance counselors and parents.


Enhance and expand partnership between Marketing and Communications and Athletics to create a comprehensive, year-round sport marketing campaign that showcases the university as a first-rate athletics program for student-athletes and Cougar fans.


Support the Office of Alumni Relations in the development and implementation of comprehensive alumni engagement effort that will empower and engage alumni nationwide as greater champions of the College, its mission and core values, and the comprehensive campaign.


Expand advertising and media relations to the specific cities and regions that are identified as key areas of opportunity for recruitment and fundraising.