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Strategy Three

Develop and Retain a Highly Qualified and Diverse Faculty and Staff

Strategic Planning Key


For all ranks and titles, improve salaries for faculty and staff to nationally competitive levels; recognize and reward annual performance by faculty and staff in both annual raises and special awards; and, where applicable, improve benefits packages for faculty and staff.


Increase number of roster faculty lines by 100 to enhance diversity in the faculty ranks, to facilitate growth of innovative academic programs, to enable some increase in faculty research with significantly expanded opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in research with faculty mentors, and to enhance personalized attention to each student. As appropriate, increase the number of permanent staff positions to support the work of a larger roster faculty and a more diverse student body.


Enhance resources to recruit and retain faculty with the potential to bring local and national recognition to the College.


Enhance resources needed to recruit, hire, nurture, and retain minority faculty and staff.


Enhance resources of pedagogical innovation, faculty research, and creative activity through the re-establishment of a faculty development center.  Incentivize faculty and staff to write and administer grants in all of these areas.


Enhance funding for staff development programs.


Substantially expand the Faculty Technology Institute and Faculty Technology Center.


Continue to reduce adjunct dependency by increasing the number of roster faculty.


Reduce dependency on temporary staff by increasing the number of permanent staff positions.


Increase the number of and funding for endowed and other externally funded chairs.


Expand availability of the College’s Early Childhood Development Center, providing a more family-friendly campus to aid in recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty and staff.